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Dust Test Chamber
Blowing Sand Test Chamber / Overview
H-DTS-640 Blowing Sand Test Chamber

Hastest Solutions Dust Chambers are made for the simulation of Dust and Sand conditions in a controlled atmosphere.

In general, these chambers are made to perform per the following standards:

  • IEC-600529
  • DIN-40050 IP5X & IP6X,
  • SAE-J575
  • ISO-20653
  • IEC-60068-2-68
  • Mil-Std 810F

Please specify the correct standards when requesting information on the various Dust Chambers available from Hastest Solutions.

These chambers are used in particular for evaluating the effects of dust-laden environments per the above standards. These chambers are utilized in several industries and applications such as for Military & Defense, Automotive, Computer Systems, Optics and Displays, Materiel, Coatings, Solar Energy, etc.


MIL STD 810F Method 510.4 Para 4.4.3- Procedure II - BLOWING SAND

Used to investigate the susceptibility of materiel to the effects of blowing large particles of sand (150 µm to 850 µm)

All our equipment is manufactured in accordance to ISO-9000 procedures.